Brain2Logic opens machine learning and predictive analytics for business users and relieves stress from data scientists

Brain2Logic features

No code

No programming skills required. Brain2Logic gives opportunity to manipulate data and work with complex algorithms without coding. People with different level of machine learning skills are able to bring data-driven decisions

UX/UI centric approach

We provide working environment for business analysts where they are able to manage complex algorithms, setup and customize open source models

AI model selection

Automatic selection of the optimal model from a wide range of algorithms taking into account external and internal factors by each SKU and POS Brain2Logic opens access to multiple open source algorithms and models from SARIMAX and PROPHET to XGBOOST and LSTM

Software as a Service

Top SaaS standards for scalability, performance and security

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Brain2Logic methods




Key Principles

Data connection from various sources via API or web interface.

Your datasets

Automatic selection of models

Automatic selection of optimal model
from a wide set of algorithms taking into account
external and internal factors;  Computing power in
cloud environment.

Management and customization

Complete selection management models
and their parameters through the web interface
testing new hypotheses on the accuracy of forecasting.

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