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«‎A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.»

George Patton

Financial planning


Classical budgeting, beyond budgeting, zero-based budgeting, functional and operational planning.


Statistical methods and predictive Analytics, account seasonality and other factors.

Actual reviews

Analysis of variance, comparison of versions, scenario modelling, factor analysis.

P&L Forecasting

Full tracking of the distribution of costs throughout the supply chain cost, and use, modification and planning of incomes through connection to a variety of models in real-time.


Management accounting

Actual data collecting

Automatically download, data quality control and NSI management.

Factor analysis

Multidimensional analytical models, multi-factor detailing of revenue and costs, analysis of drivers and components.


Create interactive dashboards to visualize data from different modules with the ability of drill-down analytics.


Collection of costs and other indirect costs (FOT, it, R&D) by cost centers and their allocation to the level of profit centers (product groups) and markets/countries.


Business modelling

Cohort analysis

Distribution of buyers and users of online platforms into groups to identify common patterns and generate forecasts.


Decision-making support of investments assets. Scenario modeling. Calculation of ROI, NPV, IRR of capital investments.


Long-term plans and multifactor models. Balanced scorecard. Communication strategy with financial planning and constraints analysis.


Project planning and control, resource planning and KPIs tracking.


Financial consolidation and reporting


Maintaining a database of lease agreements and data quality control. Automatic generation of reporting package in accordance with IFRS 16.

Financial reporting and consolidation

Consolidation by companies in different perimeters and sections. Allocation of intra-group turnover. Accounting for multicurrency calculations. Logging and analysis of adjustments. Creation of the reporting package.

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