Supply chain


the efficiency 

of business processes


and optimization


and integration

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 Demand forecasting 

  • Tools for preparing and cleaning data.

  • Processes development for master data management. 

  • Implementation of a solution for consensus planning and coordination of plans between key departments (sales, marketing, finance, procurement, production, logistics).

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Product management

  • New Product Introduction planning. 

  • Promotion of actual brands and categories.

  • The replacement of the current portfolio.

  • Organization of withdrawal of products from the market (EOL).

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Inventory management

  • Determination of the target inventory levels of the logistic system.

  • Formation of supply model for evenly and regularly consumed goods and materials.

  • Optimization of the total cost of logistics.

  • Shortening the material supply cycle.

  • The normalization of reference materials for correct planning.

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Purchase planning

  • Development and updating of the demand plan.

  • Formation of the procurement plan.

  • Planning of  supply sources.

  • Management of sourcing activities.

  • Cross-cutting cost analysis.

  • Supplier performance management.

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Limit management

  • Identification of factors that determine the extent of a chain's results and indication of potential bottlenecks. 

Integrated business planning (S&OP)

  • Connection of company's business units into a single planning and forecasting model.

  • Development of an integrated model to input of key assumptions and filling with actual data in a real time.

  • Reflection of integrated model scenarios and historical data through storefront data in real time.

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sales planning

  • Support of balancing and conciliation to assure the unity of purpose and account of the departments' specifics.

  • Support in drawing up a sales plan in the context of key dimensions and metrics of a particular business (regions, channels, brands, segments, managers, directions).

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Scenario modeling

  • Incorporate scenario modeling into current business processes to respond for changes and to increase participation and detail.

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Produce planning

  • Developing optimal plans for producing, load lines and shipping goods.

  • Planning of capacities and resources at supply chain points, taking demand dynamics and supply chain constraints into account.

  • Automatic generation of product lines work schedule. 

  • Increasing the efficiency of the factory by using mathematical algorithms for schedule optimisation.

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Optimization of production, warehouse and transport

  • Planning and optimizing of product lines and warehouse.

  • Development of balanced maps of SOE production.

  • Optimization of staff working hours.

  • Planning the needs for quantity and type of transport. 

  • Optimization of volumes of purchased materials and supplies.

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